Time Limits

Solo 3 Min
Duo/Trio 3 Min
Small Group 4 Min
Large Group 5 Min
Line 5 Min
Production 20 Min

Size Structure

Solo 1 
Duo/Trio 2-3
Small Group 4-10
Large Group 11-15
Line 16+
Production 20+


for the truly recreational dancer training less than two hours a week

for the semi-recreational dancer who wants to be challenged. This dancer loves to dance but often does other sports like soccer. The dancer may train 3-5 hours a week 

for the serious dancer who trains 6+ hours a week 



All routines will be scored out of 100 (x 3 judges= 300) An average of the scores will provide the final ranking. Judges will take into consideration several factors including, choreography, technique, costume design, use of levels, use of stage, entrances/exits, flexibility, strength, agility, turns/jumps, musicality and precision. (see rubric for further breakdown.) Each judge will award up to 100 points. The average of the three judges will determine the ranking of the routine

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