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Time Limits

Solo 3 Min
Duo/Trio 3 Min
Small Group 4 Min
Large Group 5 Min
Line 5 Min
Production 20 Min

Size Structure

Solo 1 
Duo/Trio 2-3
Small Group 4-10
Large Group 11-15
Line 16+
Production 20+

Age Divisions

Puddle Jumperz 5-8yrs
Wipeoutz 9-10yrs
Spring Tidez 11-12yrs
Rip Tidez 13-14yrs

High Tidez 15-16yrs
Tidal Wavez 17-18yrs


All routines will be scored out of 100 (x 3 judges= 300) An average of the scores will provide the final ranking. Judges will take into consideration several factors including, choreography, technique, costume design, use of levels, use of stage, entrances/exits, flexibility, strength, agility, turns/jumps, musicality and precision. (see rubric for further breakdown.) Each judge will award up to 100 points. The average of the three judges will determine the ranking of the routine



AcroDance (Acrobatics Division) Contortion (Acrobatics Division) Character Ballet (Demi)
Contemporary Ballet (Demi) Contemporary Ballet (Pointe)
Variation Ballet (Demi)
Variation Ballet (Pointe)
Classical Ballet (Demi)
Classical Ballet (Pointe)
Musical Theatre & Stage Modern
Hip Hop (Street Division)
Break Dance (Street Division) National/Traditional

Performance Division
for the truly recreational beginner with no experience. Dancers might train 1-2 hours a week. Dancers very limited stage experience. 

Performance Plus
for the "advanced recreational dancer" with some experience. Dancers might train 1-3 hours a week. Dancers have been on stage before.

for the pre-competitive dancer that has some competition or stage experience. Dancers may train 3-5 hours a week. 

Email us for an official rules guide

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